Preview: Project X Zone Demo (3DS)


Rejoice fellow North Americans, Project X Zone is getting a western release June 25th. For those of you may not know what Project X Zone is, it is the crossover you didn’t know you wanted. Project X Zone is a strategic role playing game, in the  same vein as Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. What makes this game unique is the scope of the crossover aspect, this game has characters from Capcom, Sega, and Bandai Namco. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) fighting along side Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter) in a srpg along side a couple hundred other famous and obscure characters from the trio of publishers is an impressive sight. So if crossovers are your cup of tea then this game may be for you as it is one of the most ambitious crossover titles I have seen.

This game actually amazes me, the level of fan service is off the charts. If only the rest of the game was as impressive as the roster. This game has a very flashy combat system, which involves pairing up characters and completing a chain of attack combos on the enemy. This game is a visual treat to be sure, seeing up to four famous characters from different games working together to pull off spectacular combos is very entertaining. Unfortunately there does not seem to be much depth to the battles. If you want a serious srpg then you should do your self a favor and buy Fire Emblem Awakening, if you haven’t already. If you are looking for a flashy and fun crossover that is a bit light on the strategy this may be the game for you.

This preview is based on the US demo released today (June 4th) on the Nintendo eshop, for the full review check back early next month. The full retail release is scheduled for June 25th 2013.

Opinion: Xbox One Reveal


On May 21st Microsoft revealed their next gen contender in the never ending console war. What started as hype driven excitement on my part quickly dissolved into disillusionment and disappointment as Microsoft’s new console proved to be everything…but a game console. Xbox 360’s success this gen can logically be tied to its focus on games and the excellently designed Xbox live, yet everything that has made the xbox brand successful seemed conspicuously absent from the reveal of the oddly named Xbox One.

Microsoft stated its two part reveal strategy from the beginning, hardware reveal first, then games at e3. Knowing this did not prevent  the disappointment I felt when Microsoft assailed the audience with a blitzkrieg of tv and sports features. This was clearly not what gamers wanted to hear as a flood of negative press followed. I did not feel that the conference was that bad it was just not what the core audience wanted to see. What I thought was bad was the gross mishandling of the post conference. Microsoft employees bumbled through their talking points on various issues that gamers want to know about, used games, DRM, Internet connection requirements, etc. Microsoft seemed to give different answers on the deals topics depending on who was asked. Lack of clarity and compelling games really hurt Xbox reveal. Gamers want to see games and despite what Microsoft thinks it is going to be gamers the determine the success of the console.

Despite the negativity on the Internet I am very optimistic about the future of  Microsoft’s new system. Speaking from a strictly historical standpoint Microsoft knows what they are doing and will likely produce the  best platform (PC not included) for third party games. Microsoft has produced what looks to be the best next gen controller and kinect 2.0 should add to the games if it works better than the beta test known as kinect 1. Microsoft has invested 1 billion dollars into games and have stated that e3 will be focused on the games. Don’t write Microsoft off just yet, from all of the rumors I have read the Xbox One is going to blow the doors off e3